الثلاثاء، 21 فبراير 2012

JYJ ...من تحديثات صفحة الفيس الرسمية

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الترجمة : JYJ يحضرون لجولة امريكا الجنوبية .. من ينتظر الحفلة ؟ هيا بنا شيلى هيا بنا بيرو ياااى

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  1. ohhh god
    I feel bad when I know about any concert to them
    I wanna a concert in an arabic country sooo badly
    I hope this year

    & nonaaa I'm gonna be a fan to you <3
    I love your blog

    1. yeb honey me 2 i feel awfully jealous
      the fans in south america did a great job and succeeded to bring them there
      if only arab fans was so united as them to make that happend
      well nothing impossible how knows
      thank you honey for loving me blog ^_^
      and ur always welcome


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